Creative Cocktail Hour, Thu May 19 at Real Art Ways

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Creative Cocktail Hour, Thu May 19

Live music, four art exhibitions, DJ. Let’s get groovy, baby. Come as you are.

A monthly gathering of people young and old, city, suburb and country, black, white, brown, gay, straight, trans, polkadotted and spotted.

Everybody is welcoming, conversations abound, people connect.
Come with friends, come by yourself, hangout. Creative Cocktail Hour is a great way to meet new people!

Los Cumpleaños
With an unmistakable, freewheeling style, Los Cumpleaños mixes tropical rhythms and experimental sounds into an energetic, danceable, one-of-a-kind musical experience. Citing influences as diverse as Colombian accordion legend Lisandro Meza, free jazz iconoclast Sun Ra and genre-defying tastemakers like Flying Lotus and Tame Impala, Los Cumpleaños will make you boogie.

four people looking out of the window of a bus


Teeter/Totter by Ken Morgan and Peter Waite

a wide shot of the exhibition

Battlegrounds by Elizabeth Flood

Flood's large scale painting


Lamentations by Tina Freeman

a wide shot of Tina Freeman's environmental diptychs


Your Absence is my Monument by Merik Goma

a wide shot of Goma's image, with the painting on the right and the room straight in front

Real Wall: Traé Brooks

Traé's art. a boy in tatters hanging up against an American flag.

DJ Mr Realistic

DJ Mr Realistic doing his thing at Real Art Ways

East-West Grill On Wheels
Lao & Thai Food.


a large collage of photos of people enjoying themselves at Real Art Ways