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People come to Real Art Ways for exhibitions, story-telling events, performances and concerts. They count on Real Art Ways for quality movies and trust that they will have experiences that make them think. We work to earn your trust and your patronage. Thank you giving meaning to what we do.

The idea of Real Art Ways, of having many art forms under one roof and reaching people from many different walks of life, is not easy to pull off. This connection of cinema, visual and performing arts, and wide-ranging expression, this gathering of people, needs you to make it work.

Individual support has been a foundation of Real Art Ways’ mission to support artists, build community and educate young people. Generosity from individuals like you supports our education programs, which reach more than 4,000 students every year. We look at the need in the Hartford region, and how important kindness and compassion are to giving young people an opportunity. Community support impacts students who come to Real Art Ways for experiences that encourage them to think, question, and grow.

Our Film Field Trip program introduces young people to the history of the struggle for civil rights, and the role that young people have played in working for equality. We offer schools free transportation and free admission, lead students in post-film conversations and introduce them to the contemporary art in our galleries.

Our Park Art summer program touches more than 100 young people in our immediate neighborhood every summer, bringing artists into their lives and giving kids the opportunity to experience hands-on artmaking. Most of these young people come from families with meager financial resources. Practicing artists lead workshops in all kinds of techniques, often using materials that kids might have at home. We finish each day with a half-hour of reading. And at the end of the summer, we hang the work these young people have created on our gallery walls and have a community celebration with music, food and drink, and families and friends.

We are committed to building a place that welcomes people from all walks of life, newcomers and those whose families have been here for generations. We support new ways of thinking, and a range of perspectives. Real Art Ways evolves with the times. As one attendee said, after seeing a movie and walking through the galleries, “I love Real Art Ways. It frees you up!”

Please donate to Real Art Ways today. Thank you for your generosity.


Amanda Baker
Deputy Director

P.S. – If you are over the age of 70½, ask us how to make a tax-free gift from your IRA that will be credited towards your mandatory distribution. Please call Amanda Baker at 860-232-1006 x106.

P.P.S. – It costs $250 to bring one class of students to Film Field Trips. Please consider supporting a trip!