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Film Field Trips

At a Film Field Trip, students view a documentary from the curated selections below in our comfortable 151-seat movie theater. The films address timely themes including racial, ethnic and socio-economic separation and discrimination, and the potential for movements to bring about positive social change and for individuals to serve as advocates and leaders in their communities.

After the film, a trained facilitator leads a meaningful discussion designed to help students process the film’s messages and connect the on-screen stories with their own experiences.

This is a free program for all students, and Real Art Ways is able to provide bus transportation for schools within the Hartford Public School District on a first-come, first-served basis.

Email Lindsey for more information.

FFT Films:

Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks

Mighty Times: The Children’s March


Bloods and Crips: Made in America

Favela Rising

Soundtrack for a Revolution

Gisela’s Legacy



Comments from Educators:

“The students came back to school bursting with ideas. We discussed the tools they have today to change the world. We found the contact info of our senators and congressman. We talked about changes we wanted to make”
– Wolcott Elementary Educator, 2/2018

“Film Field Trips opens our students’ eyes to the different realities of our world. Amazing experience to appreciate art in multiple facets with the film and the tour.”
Bulkeley High School educator, Hartford, 5//2016

“I was impressed by the rapt attention my students paid to this documentary style film. It pointed out how important it is for students to view real world issues that teenagers face. Students were highly engaged in the film and the art galleries. They asked good questions and responded to the art well. The film and discussion raised multiple issues relevant to my students’ lives and to issues we discuss in class, such as immigration, undocumented immigrants and discrimination.”
Global Communications Academy educator, Hartford, 3/2016

“Without a doubt, my students were able to connect what was taking place during the Civil Rights Movement with today’s society and were able to personalize it. A very safe, warm and friendly environment.”
New Haven’s Off Campus Classroom educator, 2/2016

“It was wonderful to have students study and be inspired outside of the classroom, to have them see, hear and feel the transformative power of art, and to have them consider the potential for change through their own work (and their own lives)”.
Hartford’s Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts educator, 1/2016

“Real Art Ways allows students to visually step into history”.
– SAND School educator, Hartford, 10/2016

“I think it’s important to bring students to community spaces that aren’t far from home, especially when the space has such profound impact on the community like RAW does.”
– Manchester High School Humanities teacher, 12/2016

Comments from Students:

Children’s March taught me an important part of history that I didn’t know about. It was interesting to see what was happening from the view of the adults who were telling their story of when they were children.”
Duffy Elementary 5th grade student, West Hartford, 5/2016

“At one point I felt inspired because the children were being brave to fight for what they believed in.”
– Sanchez Elementary 5th grade student, Hartford, 5/2016

“The film was inspiring! I also loved the hospitality of Real Art Ways.”
– Global Communications Academy middle school student, Hartford, 3/2016

“This film changed my view on how I view this movement. I’ve heard about the Civil Rights Movement in History class, but I never put much thought into it. Seeing this film made me feel emotionally connected. The stories were so powerful and touching.”
Hartford’s Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts student, 1/2016

“This was an educational experience that broadened our perspective to a global scale. I will definitely recommend it to my peers.”
Miss Porter’s high school student, 1/2016