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Occupied City

“An entirely fresh, provocative, and soul shaking film.” – Hollywood Reporter

“A documentary heroic in scope and ambition.” – New York Times

“Essential…this is vital cinema. With one eye on the not so distant past and the other on a precarious future.” – The Los Angeles Times

“A monumental film.” – The Guardian


The past collides with our precarious present in Steve McQueen’s bravura documentary Occupied City, informed by the book Atlas of an Occupied City (Amsterdam 1940-1945) written by Bianca Stigter. McQueen creates two interlocking portraits: a door-to-door excavation of the Nazi occupation that still haunts his adopted city, and a vivid journey through the last years of pandemic and protest. What emerges is both devastating and life-affirming, an expansive meditation on memory, time, and where we’re headed.