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Real Art Ways has been showing the best of indie cinema since 1996, with screenings seven nights a week. We’re proud to say that we’re often the only venue in Connecticut, or even New England where movie buffs can catch the films that never make it to the big boxes.

Films typically open on Friday and run through the following Thursday. The lead film will typically include matinee showings on Saturdays and Sundays.

We will often hold over a film that proves to be popular with our viewers, so the end dates shown in the schedule below are not always final! Sometimes a popular film will be held over for matinee screenings on Saturdays and Sundays, so check back on this page for the latest information.

Upcoming Events

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Jul 15 - Jul 28

Jul 22 - Jul 28

The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West
Jul 25 | 7:00 PM

The Innocents
Jul 29

The Kind Words
Aug 5

Men Go To Battle
Aug 5

Aug 12

Aug 19

Coming Soon

2016 Sundance Short Films

Landfill Harmonic

Unlocking the Cage