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Songs of Earth

“A delicate film, one that frequently feels like it benefits more from being experienced than analyzed or interrogated.” – Hollywood Reporter

“A remarkable, poetic meditation, Songs of Earth weaves the smallness of human lifespan into the grandness of the earth’s history, and does it all with unspeakable beauty.” – Vox

“Margreth Olin’s “Songs of Earth,” executive produced by Liv Ullman and Wim Wenders, is a many-splendored thing: a home movie worthy of IMAX theaters.” –


Together with Olin’s 85-year-old father, experience Norway’s most adventurous valley, Oldedalen in Nordfjord. This is where he grew up, and where generations before him have lived in balance with nature, surrounded by wild mountains, calving glaciers, and teeming wildlife.

(In Norwegian with English subtitles)

100% on Rotten Tomatoes