Creative Cocktail Hour at Real Art Ways

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Creative Cocktail Hour

Live music, art exhibitions, food and drinks, and you. Come as you are!

Creative Cocktail Hour is about the people. Everybody is welcome, conversations abound, people connect.

Live Music:

La Banda Chuska:

A group of six musicians all in white standing in front of a psychedelic background

La Banda Chuska are re-imagining the vintage sounds of Peruvian cumbia and surf through the lens of their New York City home and diverse musical and cultural backgrounds (Peru, PR, Argentina, USA). They take inspiration from the twangy 1960s surf bands of Lima (Los Belkings, Los Siderals) as well as the psychedelic flavors of 1970s chicha (Los Destellos, Los Orientales de Paramonga). Their post-punk energy and subversive playfulness have also evoked comparisons to a tropical version of the B-52s.

The band has been playing their dance-y and experimental tunes around NYC for three years, building up a loyal local following through a monthly residency at Brooklyn’s Barbès and opening for touring groups including Meridian Brothers and Son Rompe Pera. An NYC fixture, they’ve performed at the Brooklyn Museum to celebrate Latinx history month, as well as venues like the Sultan Room, TV Eye, and the SoundWaves Festival at White Feather Farm, among others. Internationally, they’ve toured in Mexico including an appearance at the popular international festival, Carnaval de Bahidorá.

They have self-released their debut EP vía streaming services and cassette and are finishing work on their debut LP. With Adele Fournet on keys/vocals, Felipe Wurst and Sam Day Harmet on guitars, Erica Mancini on accordion/vocals, Abe Pollack on bass, and Joel Mateo on drums.

For more information, check out their Instagram!

DJ Mr. Realistic

A man behind the DJ booth.

Art Exhibitions:

Alan Neider: Exhibition opening and reception at CCH

Karl Goulet: Exhibition opening and reception at CCH

Kate Bae: A Rite of Passage 

Howard el-Yasin: Specific Matter

Food Truck

Munchers International: A Taste of Jamaica!


Hands-on Art Making Activities led by Real Art Ways Staff

& You!

Creative Cocktail Hour is about community and expression.

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