You Hurt My Feelings at Real Art Ways

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You Hurt My Feelings

“Warm-hearted and rueful and hilarious in all the best ways.” – Vox 

“Both smart and entertaining.” – Times Magazine 

“A hilarious look at the little white lies that we tell our loved ones.” – Consequence Film 

“A must see comedy…makes you laugh until it hurts.” – ABC

96% on Rotten Tomatoes


Beth, a popular writer, and her husband Don, a well-liked teacher, share the kind of relationship that truly, seriously, for the love of God cannot be real: that is, they’re actually in love. Even after decades of marriage, parenting, and their own successful careers, their physical spark has somehow not diminished; in fact, they seem to relish the opportunity to share a single ice cream cone and drive others — including their son, Charlie — mad. Should it come as a surprise then that his own marriage is in crisis? But when Beth discovers that Don has been untruthful to her about his opinion of her work for years — Beth’s world comes crashing down. Has their whole relationship been one Big Fat Lie?

Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tobias Menzies