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Wedding Doll

This Israeli film tells the story of Hagit, a young woman with mild mental deficiency, works in a toilet-paper factory. She lives with her mother Sarah, a divorcee who gave up her life for her daughter.

Hagit strives for independence and Sarah is torn between her desire to protect her, and her own will to live.

When a relationship develops between her and the son of the factory owner, Hagit hides it from her mother. The announcement of the closing of the factory shakes Hagit and Sarah’s life and jeopardizes Hagit’s love story.

"Lead actress Morgan Rosenblatt... portrays the sunny, naive Hagit with a sense of a fully formed and detailed inner life, filled with dreams and determination."

Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times

"Ms. Rosenblatt keeps Hagit's inner light aflame, despite the man-centric motivations Mr. Gilady has saddled the character with, and Ms. Levy is very impressive as a self-sacrificing parent ..."

Andy Webster, New York Times

"The integrity of the filmmaking and the luminosity of Rosenblatt's performance are undeniable. And I suppose the fact that I was affected as I was by "Wedding Doll" is testimony to its emotional effectiveness."

Glenn Kenny,