Music on Screen: The Silence Before Bach at Real Art Ways

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Music on Screen: The Silence Before Bach

The Silence Before Bach is a movie in which to take refuge, and it abjures the summer heat of pop culture for a cool and lasting immersion in the miracles that people are and can create.” – The Boston Globe

“The engaging enigma of The Silence Before Bach demonstrates an artistic wisdom that is as satisfying as it is challenging.” – Seattle Times

“Provide[s] gorgeous lensing and art direction and some of the world’s most beautiful music.” – New York Post

“Like the music it celebrates, this is a film made in glory of the world.” – New York Times 


Blending historical reconstruction with very loosely linked ‘dramatic’ scenes and documentary sequences, the film constitutes a playful, painterly sequence of variations on the argument that Johann Sebastian changed the way the world hears thanks to his extraordinary ear for harmony.

Come early and enjoy the Bach Cello Suites live in our lobby performed by Celeste Cumming, starting at 4:30pm.
Sponsored by Suzanne Hopgood in honor of Frank Lord.