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The Other Story

Two rebellious young women – one fleeing the chaos of secular hedonism for the disciplined comforts of faith; the other desperate to transcend her oppressive religious upbringing for sexual and spiritual freedom – cross paths unexpectedly in Jerusalem, to startling consequences.

On one side is Anat Abadi, an intense young woman who has recently found God, to the horror of her secular tribe. On the other is Sari Alter, a married mother who, having escaped her cloistered religious upbringing for the promise of secular freedom, is chafing under the constraints of her humdrum marriage, feeling she had traded one cage for another.

Both women must confront the tension between self-assertion and tribal affiliation as they negotiate dueling fundamental human desires: to be, and to belong. Along their intersecting journeys they and the characters in their orbit traverse uneasily the landscape of competing faiths, ambitions, and viewpoints.

By the end, it is the power of the human encounter that will change profoundly the way each of them regards both truth and ‘the other.’

"The wider themes of the film grow more evident through individual elements in which nobody is prepared to listen to the other side of the story, or try to understand a different point of view."

Allan Hunter, Screen International

"A gripping, touching and unpredictable story about a troubled father-daughter relationship that weaves in the conflicts between secular and ultra-Orthodox Israelis, a struggle that is so central to Israeli life but rarely the focus of fiction."

Hannah Brown, Jerusalem Post