The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine at Real Art Ways

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The Beatles' Yellow Submarine

50th Anniversary Release – Special Sing-Along Version.

The music-loving inhabitants of Pepperland are under siege by the Blue Meanies, a nasty group of music-hating creatures.

The Lord Mayor of Pepperland (Dick Emery) dispatches sailor Old Fred (Lance Percival) to Liverpool, England, where he is to recruit the help of the Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr).

The sympathetic Beatles ride a yellow submarine to the occupied Pepperland, where the Blue Meanies have no chance against the Fab Four’s groovy tunes.

Follow the onscreen lyrics and sing along with all the classic Beatles songs!

"Yellow Submarine is a family movie in the truest sense."

Renata Adler, New York Times

"(50) years after its release, this charming fable chronicling the Beatles' battles to save Pepperland from the Blue Meanies is one of the best testaments ever to the redeeming value of good music."

Richard Harrington, Washington Post

"An endlessly inventive picture that blends 1960s psychedelia with such diverse styles as pop art and Art Deco to create the fantastical world of Pepperland and its bizarre inhabitants."

David Parkinson, Radio Times