Scrapper at Real Art Ways

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“Watching these two mutually suspicious strangers stumble toward forming a family makes Scrapper an invigorating treat, like finding wild flowers bursting out of broken pavement.” – Wall Street Journal 

“… tender without falling into sappiness.” – New York Times 

Scrapper, which seeks to parse through the fears felt in grief, change, and maturation, is full of rare heart, a spunky embrace of ambitious empathy.” –

“A smart, sensitive debut and a promising arrival for its talented director.” – indieWire

93% on Rotten Tomatoes


This vibrant and inventive father-daughter comedy follows Georgie, a resourceful 12-year-old girl who secretly lives alone in her flat in a working class suburb of London following the death of her mother. She makes money stealing bikes with her best friend Ali and keeps the social workers off her back by pretending to live with an uncle. Out of nowhere, her estranged father Jason arrives and forces her to confront reality. As they adjust to their new circumstances, Georgie and Jason find that they both still have a lot of growing up to do.