Remembering Gene Wilder at Real Art Ways

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Remembering Gene Wilder

“Remembering Gene Wilder” is a pleasant retro journey for fans and an efficient introduction to a comic genius for cineasts who might not know his work.” – SF Chronicle

“Warm, affectionate, so many great anecdotes and I came to appreciate his artistry on a whole different level.” – NPR


This loving tribute to Gene Wilder celebrates his life and legacy as the comic genius behind an extraordinary string of film roles, from his first collaboration with Mel Brooks in The Producers to the enigmatic title role in the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to his inspired on-screen partnership with Richard Pryor in movies like Silver Streak. It is illustrated by a bevy of touching and hilarious clips and outtakes, never-before-seen home movies, narration from Wilder’s audiobook memoir, and interviews with a roster of brilliant friends and collaborators like Mel Brooks, Alan Alda, and Carol Kane. Remembering Gene Wilder shines a light on an essential performer, writer, director, and all-around mensch.