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“The film fiercely homes in at the moral perversity of an industry at a particular intersection of capitalism, patriarchy, and digital-age spectacle.” – Slant Magazine

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“But it’s Kappel, an actress with neither experience in the porn industry nor film, who turns in a star-making performance as Bella. She balances showing not just the insecurity and fear felt by this actress, but the joy too.” – Los Angeles Times

“A portrait of a business in which men use women for their own ends, and then convince those same women that this is how things operate—and, as a result, that they should behave likewise.” – The Daily Beast

“If you’re curious what a feminist take on this world looks like, “Pleasure” might surprise you as much as it did me.” – New York Times


Ninja Thyberg’s debut feature film Pleasure is a journey into the Los Angeles porn industry through the lens of newcomer Bella Cherry (Sofia Kappel). Strong, self-confident and determined, Bella embarks on a mission to become the best at any cost.

Pleasure is written and directed by Thyberg with a stunning first time performance by Kappel, who anchors an ensemble of adult industry actors.


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