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Nominated for Best Foreign Film – 2016 Academy Awards

A beautiful, haunting, and uplifting film about five free-spirited sisters in rural Turkey asserting their identities in the face of crushing patriarchal tradition.

The “singularly excellent” debut of director Deniz Ergüven is narrated by Lale, youngest and most defiant of the sisters, as she watches her older siblings married off one by one by their fretful grandmother. As the restrictions on the sisters tighten, the fierce love between them empowers them to rebel and chase a future where they can determine their own lives in this unapologetic portrait of female empowerment.

Nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film and the Official Selection of France for the 2016 Academy Awards, MUSTANG is an exhilarating, fresh-spirited moviemaking debut.

"Exhilarating...a bracing portrait of a young girl and her teenage sisters coming of age."

Washington Post

"As each girl is consumed by tradition...Ergüven plays up the gnawing sense of doom...[a] beautiful, harrowing film."

Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine

"Ergüven’s fresh-spirited moviemaking debut is a sad, uplifting, culturally outspoken and remarkably entertaining young girl's film...It speaks a touching interntational language of frustrated youth that anyone can understand."

Minneapolis Star Tribune

"while it takes place in a very specific part of the world, its emotions are universally recognizable, as is the powerful yearning of its young, female characters to establish their own identities and assert their own desires."

"Full of life...a stunning debut feature...Ergüven, who was born in Turkey, brings deft timing and an unapologetic appreciation of beauty to the story"

NY Times

"singularly excellent and original...It's a moving portrait of sisterhood, a celebration of a fierce femininity"

LA Times

"a story that is by turns funny, horrifying, tense, nostalgic, depressing and optimistic...the script is beautifully nuanced and paced"

San Francisco Chronicle