Madan Sara at Real Art Ways

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Madan Sara


We invite you to a one-night virtual screening of Madan Sara followed by a post-film discussion with director Etant Dupain.

Grand’Anse Health and Development Association (GAHDA) is happy to be working with Real Art Ways to show this important film about the women who play a central role in the Haitian economy and supporting local communities.

Madan Sara is a film about the power of Black women in a global economy and their contributions that too often go unacknowledged.” – Ms. Magazine

Event Details:

-Buy your ticket online anytime before the event.

-Tickets are $10 (with 50% of the profits benefiting Madan Sara and an additional donation to GAHDA)

-On Wed, June 9 you will receive an email with a link to the virtual screening room and a link to the post-film discussion on Zoom.

-Log in to watch Madan Sara at 6:45 PM (runtime 50 min.)

-At 8 pm log into the Zoom room for the post-film discussion and Q&A with director Etant Dupain.

More about the film:

The women known as Madan Sara in Haiti work tirelessly to buy, distribute, and sell food and other essentials in markets through the country. Despite the obstacles faced by the women working in a sector that lacks investment, infrastructure and state assistance, the Madan Sara continue to be one of the most critical parts of the Haitian economy and of who we are as a country.

The Madan Sara documentary tells the stories of these indefatigable women who work at the margins to make Haiti’s economy run. Despite facing intense hardship and social stigma, the hard work of the Madan Sara puts their children through school, houses their families, and helps to ensure a better life for generations to come. This film amplifies the calls of the Madan Sara as they speak directly to society to share their dreams for a more just Haiti.

Post-Film Talk | 8 PM: 

Madan Sara director Etant Dupain will be in conversation with and answer questions from the audience. The discussion will be moderated by Judy Lewis, Professor of Public Health Sciences at UCONN Health.

About the Panelists:

Etant Dupain is a journalist, filmmaker, and community organizer. For over a decade, he has worked as a producer on documentaries and for international news media outlets including Al Jazeera, TeleSur, BBC, CNN, Netflix, PBS, and Vice. Etant founded an alternative media project in Haiti to enable citizen journalists to provide access to information in Haitian Creole for and about internally-displaced people, aid accountability, and politics. Now, moved by the strength of his mother and the women known as the Madan Sara who make Haiti’s economy run, he’s making his first personal film.

Judy Lewis is a public health sociologist and Professor Emeritus of Public Health Sciences and Pediatrics at the University of Connecticut Medical School.  She is President of the Grand’Anse Health & Development Association Board; founding member and Board Chair of Women and Health Together for the Future, and has served in leadership positions of many global health organizations including the World Federation of Public Health Association, American Public Health Association and CORE Group. Prof. Lewis has worked to improve community health in rural Haiti for over 30 years. She is senior author of “The Health of Women/Mothers and Children,” in Understanding Global Medicine and Health, and has written many articles about maternal and child health and other public health issues in Haiti, Ecuador and Sri Lanka. She has conducted research, program evaluation and training in over 50 countries. She received the 2018 Carl E. Taylor Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Health Section, American Public Health Association, honoring the visionaries and leaders in international health.