Light From Light at Real Art Ways

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Light From Light

91% on Rotten Tomatoes

This is the kind of movie – independent, intelligent, moving – that you expect to see at Real Art Ways.

Jim Gaffigan, known for his stand-up, stars with the superb Marin Ireland.  Light From Light has elements of suspense – it is a haunted house story, but unlike any you’ve seen; it gets at deep questions that, in the end, have no ready answers.  (Also with David Cale, who has appeared on stage at Hartford Stage and Real Art Ways.)

"Modest in scale but rich in sensitivity, this is an unassuming film, made all the more transfixing by its defining delicacy and understatement."

David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

"A modesty and an openness of spirit that are the very opposite of dogma. It knows that the most resonant movie isn’t a creed, but a question."

Justin Chang, LA Times

"A movie this modest requires patience and generosity and a rejection of expectations...But it is a gem likely to stay with anyone smart enough to seek it out."

Elizabeth Weitzman, The Wrap