Internet Cat Video Festival at Real Art Ways

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Internet Cat Video Festival

An offline celebration of the internet of felines!

We’re bringing the 2015 Internet Cat Video Festival to our cinema with a brand-new reel of over 100 videos, culled from nominations by the public in the categories of Comedy, Drama, Animated, Musical, Action, Vintage, and Documentary and curated by Will Braden, creator of the “Henri Le Chat Noir” videos and recipient of the fest’s first Golden Kitty (people’s choice) award. Film critic Roger Ebert called “Henri 2, Paw De Deux” “the best Internet cat video ever made.”

The Internet Cat Video festival is hosted live by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but you don’t have to go that far to see funny cats. We’ll have the videos for two weekends, starting after Thanksgiving.

Curated by Will Braden
70 Minutes

Cinema Admission:
Real Art Ways Members: $5 | Senior & Student Members: $4.50
Regular Admission: $11 | Seniors (65+): $7 | Full-Time Students (With ID): $7

Collaboration and Support

Thanks to the Walker Art Center

"No member of the animal kingdom has conquered the Internet like Felis catus, the humble house cat."

LA Times

"It is an axiom of Internet life that the cat video is king"

New York Times

"Proof that cats really do rule everything around us."

Timeout New York