Four Games in Fall: The Deflategate Documentary at Real Art Ways

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Four Games in Fall: The Deflategate Documentary

Special Preview Showing
Stay after the film for Q&A with director Julie Marron.

This award-winning film explores the highly topical issues of media manipulation, science for hire, and perversion of the legal system…all through the lens of the Deflategate scandal.

Watch this clip of Julie Marron talking about her film with Ryan Kristafer of WTNH’s CT STYLE on Monday, July 2, 2018.

Through interviews with attorneys, journalists, professors, and fans, FOUR GAMES IN FALL examines how accusations of deflated footballs became a national obsession. We go beyond the football to show that the tactics used by the NFL in this scandal are not unique, but are frequently replicated to manipulate public opinion, influence government regulation, muddy the waters around science, and unfairly impact the outcome of court cases.

Featuring interviews with NFLPA spokesperson George Atallah, New York Law School Professor Robert Blecker, Patriots Attorney Daniel L. Goldberg, MIT Professor John J. Leonard, Sports Illustrated Legal Analyst and UNH Law School Associate Dean Michael McCann, former ESPN reporter Jane McManus, Jim Morris, Editor of Pulitzer-Prize winning Center for Public Integrity, attorney Jonathan Ruckdeschel, Barstool Sports writer Jerry Thornton, and St. Mary’s Professor Andrew E. Wilson.

FOUR GAMES IN FALL is written and directed by Julie Marron (Happygram, 2015) and produced by Ami Clifford, Lila Kerns, Hellfire Films, and Rob & David Gomes. Executive Producer Kurt Redfield.

"Therein lies the subtle brilliance of Four Games in Fall, which takes full advantage of the documentary format not only to examine Deflategate on its facts and merits, but to place the affair in a critical context from social, commercial, scientific, and legal perspectives."

Richard Peltz-Steele, The Savory Tort (UMass Law)