Earth (Erde) at Real Art Ways

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Earth (Erde)


We walk all over it every day of our lives. We plow it, we dig it and we drill it; we cover it up with concrete. We map it and we measure it; we draw our borders onto it, and we imagine that it belongs to us. We live by what it produces and we bury our dead in it. We take its existence for granted; it seems invincible, indestructible. If we consider our planet to be an organism, its crust – just 40 kilometers thick – is its most delicate organ by far.


"Only an idealist invites his audience to look at the world as closely and deeply as he does as he reminds us that it is only by seeing — really seeing — the world as it exists, that we stand any chance at all of saving it."

Manohla Dargis, The NY Times