Chevalier at Real Art Ways

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In the middle of the Aegean Sea, on a luxury yacht, six men on a fishing trip decide to play a game.

During this game, things will be compared, measured and blood will be tested.

Friends will become rivals, but at the end of the voyage, when the game is over, the winner will wear the victorious signet ring: the “Chevalier.”

"Scene by scene, it builds a vision of group dynamics as calm, violent and finally unyielding as the sea."

Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

"The film is impeccably shot - and composer Marilena Orfanou's electronic score vividly suggests a ticking testosterone time bomb. On your mark. Get set. Go see it."

Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times

"The stakes remain infantile, the black humor never flags, but the competition takes on a sinister savagery as bro-bonding alliances shift and hero-worship curdles into betrayal and resentment."

Ella Taylor, NPR

"Tsangari gives us an entertaining catalog of the ways males in packs jockey for position, mainly a comic spectacle, but not without moments of menace."

Walter V. Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle

"While the film is full of artifice and allegorical implication, it also presents itself as a quasiscientific look at human male pack behavior in the wild."

A.O. Scott, New York Times