CCH at Real Art Ways

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Live music, art exhibitions, DJ. Come as you are.

Everybody is welcoming, conversations abound, people connect.

Come with friends, come by yourself, hangout. Creative Cocktail Hour is a great way to meet new people!

DJ Kasey Cortez

Kasey Cortez is a multidisciplinary artist currently working to merge her many realms of creative expression. She has delved into worlds of music, theatre, photography, design, fashion, & installation art. Her work across mediums is inspired by a deep fascination with collective trends/culture, the minutiae of human choice & the mundane passing of time. She’s also a yoga teacher of nearly 10 years, & DJing has become her new favorite form of expression!

A woman behind a DJ set table.

Tarot and Palm Readings from Adam Latin!

Limited Space available from 7-9pm.

Adam Latin is a tarot and palm reader who has been working professionally since 2001. He has read for tens of thousands of people since he started reading. He offers support in areas around personal empowerment, relationships, career, family communication, love, and trauma. He wants a deeper sense of victory and passion for his clients.

A headshot of Adam Latin.

Art Exhibitions

Exhibition opening from RJ LaRussa.

Langit Lupa (Heaven and Earth) by Bhen Alan

Unknown, Unknowns by Steven DiGiovanni

Tubular Times curated by Terri C. Smith 

Food Truck

Muncher’s International, authentic Jamaican cuisine.

Hands-on art activities led by Real Art Ways Staff