British Arrows Awards at Real Art Ways

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British Arrows Awards

Straight from our friends at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, where their annual showings attract sold-out audiences.

The British Arrows is a celebration of the best work the UK advertising industry has to offer, honoring the best ideas, best craftsmanship, and best commercials of the year. Watching the commercials in a cinematic setting provides a unique communal screening experience.

From high-tech extravaganzas to wacky British comedy—including outstanding performances by children, animals, and A-listers—this celebration of commercial creativity presents the UK’s most innovative and daring pieces of advertising. The 2017 program includes content made for the web and television, as well as public service announcements intended to raise social awareness.

The program can be a unique cross cultural experience, as audiences try to figure out brands and products that are not available in the U.S., but are cleverly conveyed. It’s a unique experience for American audiences to view ads that are not invested in the hard sell; rather, generating interest in products and services through humor, pathos and dynamic cinematography.

"The presentation is a treat for cinema fans, performance enthusiasts and music lovers. The best of British marketing is focused more on inspired entertainment than hard sells to bully you into conspicuous mass consumption."

Colin Covert, Star Tribune

"As always, the ads play shamelessly on the emotions; you’ll laugh out loud and cry salty tears."

Pamela Espeland, MinnPost

"Some of these go far beyond what Americans might think of as commercials. There’s a long road trip starring Kevin Hart and David Beckham that’s more like a celebrity comedy short. There’s a whirlwind biography of Thomas Burberry that stars Domnhall Gleeson, Lily James and Sienna Miller that’s a slice of history."

Tom Long, The Detroit News