And How They Got That Way at Real Art Ways

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And How They Got That Way

A Collection of Vernacular and Found Photography from Michael Shortell

Michael Shortell has been integral to the Hartford art scene for decades. From his framing shop to his gallery to his personal collections, he has demonstrated his keen taste and committed support of artists. We celebrate his contributions with an exhibition curated from his personal collection of casual and found photography. The exhibit will reflect the progression from rigidly posed tintype portraits to everyday snapshots taken with simple, inexpensive cameras.

Photos will be grouped in deliberate ways – similar poses, subjects or angles – such as one series showing two sisters in repeated identical poses over time as they grow up. Other groups include couples in prom attire and people showing off newly-bought clothing with strikingly similar poses and expressions.

At the end of the exhibit, viewers will be invited to print out and add their own selfies to the wall, contributing to the ongoing history of the snapshot.