Spencer Plourde
Tina Parziale
Maureen Kenna

“This is such a non-judgmental, welcoming place – where all people can express their true self. And, what we do here – our art, films, education programs, Creative Cocktail Hour – is something you can’t get anywhere else, especially under one roof.”

Tricia Haggerty Wenz

“Real Art Ways feeds the curious soul.”

Alexandra Corina Leone

“I’m excited to learn about the artists we show here, the musicians, the exhibits, the movies and learning more about the people who walk through our doors. It is a really cool blend of art, people and community that I am drawn to.”

Neil Daigle Orians

“Through my work here I get the opportunity to connect the artist with the community. This gives the audience a deeper understanding of the work, through knowing the artist.”

Ian Ally-Seals

“I love making the cinema experience a community experience. We provide something special here you can’t get on your laptop watching Netflix.”

Will K. Wilkins

“I have always aspired to create an environment where people feel challenged, yet supported.”

Jean Paul Leblanc

“A great change is seeing the increase in membership and support. It’s amazing to see how much we have grown and how much we get done with such a small staff.”

Barbara Hocker

“The spirit of innovation, collaboration, and creativity has always been a part of who we are. Now we are just more. We do more events, more films, and more concerts. It is more true now than ever that there is always something going on here.”