The Things That
Haunt Me Still
Felandus Thames at Real Art Ways

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The Things That
Haunt Me Still
Felandus Thames

The Things That Haunt Me Still is a solo exhibition by interdisciplinary artist Felandus Thames, curated by David Borawski.

Utilizing found objects and non-traditional materials like hair beads and barrettes, Thames’ work explores the viewer’s relationship with gender and race. Often asking more questions than offering answers, Thames’ playful use of materials and text utilizes humor as an entry point to exploring social and cultural issues.

From the artist’s statement:

“I am interested in creating vessels able to contain beauty and trauma at an equilibrium. Work that functions in the way that Black music is endowed by, but not the sum of, Black joy, pain, and suffering. I am invested in the residue of memory decoupled from nostalgia or narrative. Material choices, never superficial, become central actors in my practice and often function as surrogates to contested histories and lived experiences of those who consume them. Materials are the repository of history and memory in my practice.”

Artist Conversation Recording

Exhibition Catalog with essay by Noel W. Anderson

About the Artist

Felandus Thames is a conceptual artist living and practicing in the greater New York area.  Born in Mississippi, Thames attended the graduate program in Painting and Printmaking at Yale University where he received his MFA in 2010. He has been included in exhibitions at the Kravets Wehby Gallery, Galerie Myrtis, Tilton Gallery, Heather James Gallery, Charles H. Wright Museum, USF Contemporary Art Museum, International Center for Printmaking New York, African American Museum of Philadelphia, Mississippi Museum of Art, Yale University, Wesleyan University, Columbia University, Art Hamptons, Art LA, The Texas Contemporary, and Miami Basel.

Image: Existential Crisis, Variable dimensions, Hairbrushes, 2020


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