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Statues Also Die

Featured artists include:

Rebecca Belmore                    Nate Lewis

Cassils                                    Jeffrey Meris

Nick Cave                               Paper Monuments

Nona Faustine                        FEED

Paul Ramirez Jonas                 Doreen Garner

Lee Mixashawn Rozie             Xandra Ibarra

Veo Veo Design                     Marisa Williamson


Curated by Sarah Fritchey.

This exhibition considers the roles artists play in monument removal and making– as storytellers who unearth the histories and meanings of existing monuments, activists who participate in direct actions that lead to monument removal, and civic designers who work with government officials to envision new processes for including everyday people in monument-making.

As a whole, the featured artworks and projects reject a top-down approach, consider who and what we remember, and what places, events, and movements matter. Click here to read the Statues Also Die catalogue.

A pedestal that once held a statue of Christopher Columbus in Hartford now sits vacant within a park.

Photo by Kenneth C. Zirkel
The empty pedestal of a Christopher Columbus statue in Hartford removed in June of 2020.

Add your voice. We want your ideas to be part of this exhibition. More information HERE


Lee Mixashawn Rozie

Reception & Performance

Sunday, Nov. 8 from 1:30 – 3:30 PM

Outdoor Performance by Lee Mixashawn Rozie at 2 PM

Join us as Mixashawn shares his sonic monument to life in Hartford, Quannatuckwa aka ct, a new score that mixes the roots of jazz with the traditions of indigenous music.

Event Logistics:

– You will be required to wear a face mask at all times

– Please keep a minimum of 15 ft physical distance from Mixashawn when he is performing and a minimum physical distance of six ft. from guests not in your party.

– After the performance, you are invited to our galleries to see the exhibition.  As you return to our physical space, your health and safety is our top priority. Learn about all the steps we have taken to prepare and our new procedures HERE


Top Image: Nate Lewis, Probing The Land VIII (Robert E. Lee, After The Fire), 2020, Hand-sculpted inkjet print, ink, frottage, graphite, 43” x 60”


Supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

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