Real Wall: Traé Brooks at Real Art Ways

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Real Wall: Traé Brooks

Real Art Ways presents damnNation, a collection of mixed media works by artist Traé Brooks and part of the Real Wall series.

“I have always had a great fascination with history. Whether through studying the subject in school, or learning about the complexities of my genealogy and familial relationships, I find history to be a supremely powerful component of our lives that provides structure and purpose. This series expresses my relationship with American history and the constant struggle to reconcile being a POC in America while criticizing much of the “American Dream” and customs that simply do not resonate with my experiences. My goal as an artist is to create work that both embodies my personal history and comments on the present. With this body of work, I hope to demystify some of these American symbols and transform them into something that reflects an honest and direct attitude towards “Americana.” After all, is being critical and downright angry with one’s nation not the ultimate form of patriotism?”

Real Wall is a series of wall-mounted exhibitions taking place in between formal gallery spaces. Artists are invited to experiment with the space in short-run exhibitions.

About the Artist:

Traé Brooks is a fine artist from Windsor, Connecticut. He studied painting at the University of Hartford, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. Brooks is primarily interested in ideas and themes related to family and personal identity. Through his work, Brooks examines where he comes from, processing family history in order to better understand himself in relation to the world. Brooks has shown at Windsor Art Center, Farmington Valley Arts Center, and Kehler Liddell Gallery, among other venues. Currently, Brooks works as a gallery employee at WORK_SPACE in Manchester.