Online Artist Talks:
UHART Nomad MFA Thesis Exhibition at Real Art Ways

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Online Artist Talks:
UHART Nomad MFA Thesis Exhibition

We invite you to a series of online artist talks by Hartford Art School’s Nomad MFA program, class of 2021.

The series will be streamed to Real Art Ways’ Facebook page on Tuesday, June 22, and Wednesday, June 23.

These talks are in conjunction with their group exhibition, Force Fields, open now through June 25 at the Joseloff Gallery on the University of Hartford’s campus.

Event Schedule:

Tuesday, June 22 | 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Mary Mattingly

Grace Poulsen

Aubrey Murdock

Wednesday, June 23 | 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Tara Long

Elizabeth Deák

Jess Blaustein

In addition to graduating students, artist and educator Mary Mattingly will present on River Labs, an ongoing course in the Nomad MFA program connecting artists with the rivers and waterways they live near. Students in the program have been working with Mattingly since its inception, presenting their findings at Real Art Ways in two previous exhibitions exploring the Park River. This series of talks is a continuation of that collaboration, offering students a chance to present their work to our audience at a crucial moment in their careers.

For more information on the group show Force Fields, click here to visit their website.

About Nomad MFA:

Created in 2015, the Nomad MFA program is an accredited, low-residency graduate program offered by the University of Hartford’s Hartford Art School. It features a high-impact, field-based curriculum that includes art, ecology, study of place, indigenous knowledge systems, and the craft-to-code technology continuum. The Nomad MFA is the MFA of the future, providing artists deeper ways of engaging with their home community and a network of communities in the Americas. Nomad MFA’s faculty and guest lecturers includes an international range of artists and curators, including Mary Mattingly, Marisa Williamson, Camila Marambio, Nico Wheadon, Mark Dion, and others.

Feature video by Aubrey Murdock