Oliver Sacks: His Own Life at Real Art Ways

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Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

Filmed in 2015 just after receiving his fatal diagnosis, Oliver Sacks opens up about his six decades of thinking and writing about the brain, his life, his work, and his abiding sense of wonder of the world.

“A portrait of the poetic neurologist of ‘Awakenings,’ shot at the end of his life, takes a tender and thrilling look at the sacred demons that drove him.” – Variety

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Oliver Sacks writing at a desk

Online Discussion: “The Power of Diet In Brain Health” 
Dr. Paola Sacchetti | Wednesday, September 30 | 7 PM

Dr. Sacchetti, Director of M.S. Neurosciences at the University of Hartford, has studied neuron development in relation to Parkinson’s Disease, and the effects of dietary regimens on cognitive function. She will give an overview of Alzheimer’s disease, talk about the impact of a ketogenic diet, and probiotics on brain health and open it up to discussion.

Register HERE.

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