November Creative Cocktail Hour – Reunion! at Real Art Ways

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November Creative Cocktail Hour - Reunion!


Creative Cocktail Hour has happened every single month on the third Thursday since 2002!

In 2002 Real Art Ways started a monthly event with the idea that people from various backgrounds, straight, black, gay, suburb, transgender, young, latino, older, city, white (etc.) – could come together for an event that focuses on creativity and community.It’s been called a right of passage in the Hartford region – and starting this year, November Creative Cocktail Hour will be a time for reunion.

We invite YOU and everyone who has ever attended a Creative Cocktail Hour (whether 17 years ago, or just last month), for a reunion celebration! This will be a night celebrating the people and the memories that have made Creative Cocktail Hour.

Featuring DJ Bongohead of Peace & Rhythm and dancers from The Hartford Dance Collective. Food and Activities TBA.