Instrument Portrait Series: HARP – Tiny Beast at Real Art Ways

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Instrument Portrait Series: HARP - Tiny Beast


RAW presents a series of concerts that examine the harp and its different manifestations both structurally and musically. Each concert features a performance and discussion revolving around the harpist’s craft and the intricacies of their instrument.

Tiny Beast

Formed in the summer of 2012, Tiny Beast is composed of Nuiko Wadden (harp) and Dawn Posey (violin). Ms. Wadden is an expressive player with an unconventional approach to the rhythmic possibilities of the orchestral harp. According to the Washington Post, “…Wadden’s superb, dancelike playing on the harp was a joy to hear.”

Listen to an excerpt of Ms. Wadden playing Polvere et Ombra by Suzanne Farrin  – the piece will be included in the performance at RAW.


Tiny Beast will play a combination of duets and solo harp pieces, most of which are 21st century compositions. Composers include Mark Fromm, Carlos Salzedo, Suzanne Farrin, Kenji Bunch and Sebastian Currier.


Additional Info

Sunday, March 5, 3 PM