Dear Friends and Family,

Real Art Ways depends on you. And we need you now.

In September, in years past, we’ve hosted fundraising events—at Real Art Ways. We’ve netted $100,000 each year.

This year we can’t be together in person. But we can be together in spirit. And we believe we can generate $100,000 to support our work.

We won’t be able to do it together in one night. So we’re taking 30 nights—the month of September—to meet our goal.

Thanks to our sponsors, the good news is... we’re nearly halfway there! And the Richard P. Garmany Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving has agreed to match your contribution dollar for dollar.

You will make it possible for Real Art Ways to survive, and thrive. Please help us meet our goal.

With gratitude,

Will K. Wilkins and The Real Team

Improvisations :: Arcade at Real Art Ways

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Improvisations :: Arcade

Curator musicians Joe Morris and Stephen Haynes join their invited guests for freely improvised music, created in real time. The listening environment encourages intimate and deep contact with the music, the musicians, and other audience members.

On Sunday, February 21 at 3 PM, we continue our fifth Improvisations music series with fresh talent under the title Improvisations::Arcade. Sunday’s event features  Kirsten Lamb (bass), Zachary Rowden (bass), Matt Rousseau (drums), and Dan O’Brien (saxophone, clarinet, flute).


Future Events:

SUNDAY MARCH 20 | 3 PM: Lester St. Louis (cello), Dre Hocevar (drums), Stephen Haynes (cornet), Joe Morris (guitar)

SUNDAY APRIL 10 | 3 PM: Dana Jessen (bassoon), Stephen Haynes (cornet), Joe Morris (guitar)