Creative Cocktail Hour, July 2022 at Real Art Ways

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Creative Cocktail Hour, July 2022


A monthly gathering of people young and old, city, suburb and country, black, white, brown, gay, straight, trans, polkadotted and spotted.

two people looking fly at CCH

Everybody is welcoming, conversations abound, people connect.
Come with friends, come by yourself, hangout. Creative Cocktail Hour is a great way to meet new people!

This month, featuring:

Live music by Mames Babegenush

a group shot of an eclectic klezmer band

A Danish band fusing their Scandinavian roots with elements of jazz and klezmer traditions from eastern Europe. Andreas Møllerhøj on double bass, Lukas Rande on saxophone, Henrik Hansen on drums, Nicolai Kornerup on accordion, Bo Rande on flügelhorn and Emil Goldschmidt on clarinet.

DJ Mr. Realistic

DJ Mr Realistic spinning

Six art exhibitions:

an artist performing at their exhibition with pineapples

Lani Asunción: Tensions between eco-tourism, industrialization, and militarization in Hawai’i.


an art exhibition by Ben Spalding

Benjamin Spalding


a surrealist painting of a subject and her mirror image

Heather Heckel

a digital quilt of dance floors

Jesús Hilario-Reyes
Video installation that incorporates club and rave spaces at the center of queer communities.

an artwork on the floor, plugged into an outlet, and lit from the bottom

Deep Pool

an underrepresented boy standing in front of an American flag

Real Wall:
Traé Brooks
Mixed media works examining our collective past and uncertain future.

Art activities for all ages: collage making!

Full bar and ice cream!

Food truck: East-West Grill