Creative Cocktail Hour at Real Art Ways

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Creative Cocktail Hour

Live music, art exhibitions, food and drinks, and you. Come as you are!

Creative Cocktail Hour is about the people. Everybody is welcome, conversations abound, people connect.

Live Music:

Elliott Sharp and Eric Mingus: Longtime collaborators, Mingus and Sharp have worked together for decades in a dizzying variety of musical situations culminating in their distinctive duo project Fourth Blood Moon in which they create a mashup of poetics, electronica, blues, opera, improvisation, funk, and the cosmic.  They will be performing songs from their latest album on zOaR, Songs From A Rogue State with Mingus on vocals and Elliott Sharp on guitar and laptop.

 two men playing the guitar on stage


DJ Mr. Realistic

A man behind the DJ booth.

Art Exhibitions:

Kate Bae: A Rite of Passage

Rashmi Talpade: Every Little Thing 

Howard el-Yasin: Specific Matter


Hands-on Art Making Activities

Food Truck: East-West Grille (Laotian and Thai food with vegan and vegetarian options)

& You!

Creative Cocktail Hour is about community and expression. We’d love for you to be a part of it this month!

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