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Jim Whitten

Real Art Ways presents a solo exhibition by Jim Whitten. Curated by David Borawski.

Using found materials and appropriated film and television stills, Whitten examines the implications of improvised barricades in our cultural and political moment. The show’s centerpiece finds Whitten recreating a bedroom interior with furniture piled against the door. Framed by a bisected press image from the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, the work questions subjective notions of threat and safety, especially as manipulated by right wing media outlets. Many elements reference home interiors and American consumer products, through which Whitten asks:


Who’s on one side?
Who’s on the other side?
What does one of them want?
What does the other one want?
Will the barricade hold?
If not, how long does it hold for?
Does this extra time provide an opportunity?

Is everyone safe?

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About the Artist

Jim Whitten is a conceptual artist with a strong interest in Fluxus art.

His project, SNFFBX, has created virtual and in-person art shows, released 4 artist books,
and offered art bundles that have represented over 20 artists. SNFFBX also began a pop-up gallery called No Fly List with fellow artist, Christa Whitten.

Supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

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