A Night of Surrealist Games at Real Art Ways

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A Night of Surrealist Games


You are invited, solo or with company, for a relaxed and playful Valentine’s Day event.
Roger Clark Miller (Mission of Burma, Alloy Orchestra) will host an evening of drawing and word games that were developed during the heyday of surrealism. Games include the Exquisite Corpse drawing game (advanced drawing skills not required!), the Dream Game (a board game where you end up creating a dream!), and many varieties of surrealist word games.

Says Miller, “The wonder of these games is the unexpected juxtapositions that occur, creating amazingly synchronistic sequences and unexpected meanings and connections.”

“(Roger’s) knowledge of Surrealism and his skill in getting strangers to play together was a smashing success!” – John Andress, ICA, Boston

” At the end of the evening, the wall was covered with new creations made by people who don’t think of themselves as artists.” – Tom Johnson, First Night, Boston

“Fantastic night — a hilarious, creative, and healthy mix of mind-bend, head-clearing and humor-refraction. And met great new people.” -Attendee, Cliff Lazenby