A Man Escaped (Film 101) at Real Art Ways

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A Man Escaped (Film 101)

Plot: Captured French Resistance fighter Andre Devigny awaits a certain death sentence for espionage in a stark Nazi prison. Facing malnourishment and paralyzing fear, he must engineer an extraordinary escape, complicated by the questions of whom to trust, and in the absence of options, how to kill.

Conversation: Crime stories make for great soundscapes: the need for silence, the sudden breakage of glass, the “close-up” mic on professionals at work. Here, Robert Bresson uses sound textures and rhythms to build remarkable tension—to create a world just outside the locked door. We’ll discuss “realism” and “rendered” soundscapes, the idea of “extension,” and more.

Directed by Robert Bresson
99 minutes
MPAA Rating - NR

Cinema Admission:
Real Art Ways Members: $5 | Senior & Student Members: $4.50
Regular Admission: $11 | Seniors (65+): $7 | Full-Time Students (With ID): $7

Real Art Ways's facilities are wheelchair accessible. Assisted listening devices are available at the café. 

"It is Bresson's unadorned, almost ascetic style that lifts the tale beyond a genre piece."

Entertainment Weekly

"It is not only the greatest of all prison-break movies but also an astoundingly detailed account of the activities of homo faber...man the escape artist, who...piece by piece, creates the means of his physical and spiritual liberation."

The New Yorker

"I admire "A Man Escaped" both for what it is, for what it isn't, and for what I learned from it."

Chicago Sun- Times