2023 Oscar Nominated Shorts – Documentaries at Real Art Ways

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2023 Oscar Nominated Shorts - Documentaries

2023 Oscar Nominated Shorts – Documentaries, opens Friday, February 17, 2023. Individual trailers can be viewed on https://shorts.tv/.
How Do You Measure a Year? – United States, directed by Jay Rosenblatt, 29 min.

A father films his daughter every year on her birthday, asking the same questions. In a mere 29 minutes we see a girl go from a toddler to a young woman with all the beautiful and awkward stages in between while the father/daughter relationship evolves in all its complexities.

The Elephant Whispers – India, directed by Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monda, 40 min.

Bomman and Bellie, a couple in South India, devote their lives to caring for an orphaned baby elephant named Raghu, forging a family like no other that tests the barrier between the human and the animal world.

Stranger at the Gate – United States, directed by Joshua Seftel and Conall Jones, 29 min.

A Marine plans a terrorist attack in a mosque in a small American town. His plan takes an unexpected turn when he comes face to face with the people he is trying to kill, forcing him to confront his own actions.

Haulout – UK, directed by Evgenia Arbugaeva and Maxim Arbugaeva, 25 min.

A man waits in his cabin on the desolate expanse of the Russian Arctic. He perseveres to observe a natural event that happens there every year, but ocean warming is taking its toll.

The Martha Mitchell Effect – United States, directed by Anne Alvergue and Beth Levison, 40 min.

Historians profile the life of Martha Mitchell, the wife of the cabinet member who was the most unlikely of whistleblowers: a Republican cabinet woman who was discredited by the Nixon administration in 1972 for keeping silent.