Megan Bent at Real Art Ways

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Megan Bent
Jessica Henning

“I love the sense of community here at Real Art Ways.”

Tingzhu Pan

“Real Art Ways is a welcoming and inclusive space for diverse people and I love it.”

Alexia Brown
Tajay Valentine
Spencer Plourde
Mia Lozada
Gregg Rohde

Gregg has spent his whole professional career at Travelers. Originally hailing from Wisconsin, he has worked in the Minnesota, London, UK and Hartford offices. He and his wife have a deep passion for all forms of art and is prior board member of the Minnesota Museum for American Art.

Tina Parziale
Mina Echevarria
Lauren Perrault
David Borawski

“It’s a great place. RAW takes chances. Always pushing the envelope. You are not going to see anything here that you can see anywhere else in this area.”

Angie Godoy
Jules Pitt
Maureen Kenna

“This is such a non-judgmental, welcoming place – where all people can express their true self. And, what we do here – our art, films, education programs, Creative Cocktail Hour – is something you can’t get anywhere else, especially under one roof.”

Tricia Haggerty Wenz

“Real Art Ways feeds the curious soul.”

Olu Oguibe

Olu Oguibe is a local artist based in Rockville, Connecticut. He’s been a member of Real Art Ways since 2003, and has exhibited his work at the space on a number of occasions.

Stephen Mok
Neil Daigle Orians

“Through my work here I get the opportunity to connect the artist with the community. This gives the audience a deeper understanding of the work, through knowing the artist.”

Amy Sailor