Top 25 (or so) Films at Real Art Ways

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Top 25 (or so) Films


Are you looking for something to watch?

During the coming weeks we will be sharing links to the 25 most popular films we’ve screened at Real Art Ways. Here are six:



Swaths of yellow, pink, green and blue. Each swath of color has a child's image inside it. Pink text 'SpellBound"


Cute. Competitive. Completely compelling.

1,620 people watched it with us in summer 2003

Running Time: 97 min

Where to Watch: Free to watch on TUBI. Available to rent on YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon Prime.



Silhouette of a man and cow walking in front of a rising moon. White text "Himalaya".


Beautiful. Poetic. w/ Yaks.

2,230 people watched this at Real Art Ways in 2001

Run Time: 108 minutes

Where to Watch: Available to rent from VUDU, YouTube and Google Play.



Man Standing with a bouquet of flowers. White text "Man Called Ove".


Big hit for us. Curmudgeon. Kids. Loss and Love.

3,644 people came to see Ove in 2016

Run time: 116 minutes

Where to Watch: Available for free on Amazon Prime, and to rent on Google Play, and YouTube



A young woman outside holding an eagle on her arm.


Beautiful birds. Strong people. Inspiring story.

2,200 people watched it with us in the winter of 2016/17

Running Time: 87 min

Where to Watch: Available to rent on YouTubeGoogle Play, and Amazon Prime.



Violins, cello's, and other string instruments arranged in a cluster.


The world connected in a moving, beautiful way. With Yo Yo Ma. We first showed it in the Summer of 2016.

Run Time: 96 minutes

Where to Watch: Currently available for free on TUBI. You can rent it from Amazon Prime, or purchase the film from YouTube and Google Play.



A man holding flowers and a woman standing next to him with a video camera.


This is a funny movie.

2,258 people attended in 2015

Run time: 88 minutes

Where to Watch: Currently free on YouTube and available to rent on Amazon Prime.


Vincent Van Gogh rendered in painting through his signature swirled brush marks.


This was a phenomenon. An experience.

More than 6,000 people came, from the fall of 2017 to the spring of 2018.

Running Time: 1h 34m

Where to Watch: Free to watch on Hulu with a subscription. Also available to rent on YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon Prime.


A pair of eyes looking off into the distance. Text " I Am Not Your Negro"


James Baldwin. Filmmaker Raoul Peck. Timely. Brilliant.

2,340 people saw it here in the Spring of 2017.

Run Time: 93 minutes

Where to Watch: Currently available on Amazon Prime. It is free if you have a subscription or available for rent. You can also rent it from YouTube and Google Play.


Layered polaroid photographs showing a man and woman's face. In text "Momento"


2,793 people attended in the Spring of 2001 making Memento the #5 most attended movie in our history. yrotsih rou ni eivom dednetta tsom 5# eht otnemeM gnikam 1002 fo gnirpS eht ni dednetta elpoep 397,2

Run time: 116 minutes

Where to Watch: Currently available on Amazon Prime to rent or free to watch with ads on Amazon Prime IMDB channel. Also available to rent from YouTube and Google Play.



We will get through this uncertain time together.

We are thinking of all of you who make Real Art Ways possible.

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