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Feb 2 | 2:30 PM



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Performance: What Remains


What Remains is a performance by choreographer Peter Kyle, to mark the closing of Cold Love, an exhibit by Jaanika Peerna, at Real Art Ways. The work invites audiences to consider how the things we see and do and touch and feel now, in this moment, change as they become memory. Performers Raechel Manga and Taylor Zappone act and react with one another while exploring the gestural marks and impressions in Peerna’s installation. The performance lasts around 30 minutes. 

About Peter Kyle:

Peter Kyle is a dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, and Artistic Director of Peter Kyle Dance, founded in New York City in 2006, and recently relocated to Hartford, CT, where he is Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance, at Trinity College. He is also Associate Director at Bearnstow, an historic summer arts retreat in rural Maine. Kyle’s work celebrates the beauty of humans in motion, exploring the intersection of thought and action across disciplines and in all kinds of spaces. For more information, visit


What Remains Statement:

There’s space, there’s form, there’s energy. There’s touch, there’s thought, there’s gravity. There’s desire, there’s impulse, there’s breath. The body is here and then gone. The things we do are temporary, malleable, and yet they linger in what each other experiences. This joyous transfer, this constancy of motion, persists in and through us all.

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