Mossville: When Great Trees Fall at Real Art Ways

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Mossville: When Great Trees Fall


Mossville, Louisiana: A once-thriving community founded by formerly enslaved and
free people of color, and an economically flourishing safe haven for generations of
African American families. Today it’s a breeding ground for petrochemical plants and
their toxic black clouds. Many residents are forced from their homes, and those that
stay suffer from prolonged exposure to contamination and pollution. Amid this chaos
and injustice stands one man who refuses to abandon his family’s land – and his

"“The story of Mossville is a story of America and serves as an undeniable call to action for anyone who claims to be concerned with ensuring environmental justice is secured. If we are to have any hope of moving forward, we must follow the lead of these communities and resist the erasure of these stories at all costs.""

William J. Barber III, Co-Chair, Ecological Justice Committee, North Carolina Poor People's Campaign