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Attention animal lovers!

We're looking for volunteers to assist with an upcoming collaboration between an artist and local animal rescue organizations.

You're probably connecting the dots by yourselves, but yes, this means there will be kitties at Real Art Ways! They'll be having the time of their lives in some innovative, specially designed cat homes, and they'll all be up for adoption.

The cats will need care for roughly four hours a day, seven days a week. Volunteers don't need to sign up for a whole week at a time - but the more time you can donate, the better!

The exhibition runs from October 20th to December 14th. Volunteers must be comfortable handling the cats and helping out with adoptions, should visitors be interested.

If you or somebody you know is interested in volunteering, please send us an email for more information.

Within the Beyond

About the Exhibition: Within the Beyond replaces, alters, or overlays one of the most recognizable human features, the face, with naturally occurring elements to create a subconscious conversation between the image and the viewer as it navigates a forced visual agnosia.

About the Artist: Luke Hanscom grew up in Houston, TX until he moved to Santa Barbara, CA to attend Brooks Institute of Photography in 2002. Hanscom left California for New York City in 2005 where he worked with industry leading photographers such as Richard Pierce, Peggy Sirota, and Annie Leibovitz. Hanscom's fine art work mixes multiple mediums while placing an emphasis on his strong photographic background with the use of both digital and analogue techniques. He now lives and works in the Westville Village of New Haven, CT.

[Luke Hanscom]


About the Exhibition: Zones of transition have long held artist Randy Gilman’s interest. Vernal pools as opposed to dry land or lakes, material in the moment between solid and liquid, and the “Now” of time as it flashes from future to past.

Each piece in the Particle/Wave series is made up of alternating particle drawings and wave drawings on 1”x2” tickets. Viewed from one angle, all the drawings are “waves” and from the opposite view you would only see the “particle” images. Seen head-on, both states of matter are visible at the same time.

These drawings are done in a one-person “Exquisite Corpse” style. Drawn quickly, looking only at the one previously drawn ticket by folding one on top of the other, taking advantage of the imagination to grab images out of the air with as little forethought as possible. The entire piece is not revealed until all the particles and waves are woven together.

[Randy Gilman]

New World of Deliciousness

About the Exhibition: For her Real Art Ways exhibition, New World of Deliciousness, Tanya will create a site specific, ephemeral wall piece to accompany the other works in her show.

About the Artist: Tanya Wolski's current work focuses on icons of American culture that manifest themselves in her moments of obsessiveness. Through the anthropomorphization of the objects that surround her daily life, she is able to relate to and make sense of these forms in ways she otherwise could not. These human attributes become the vehicle that she utilizes to deliver her perspective of the familiar, her interpretation of a whole new world of deliciousness.

[Tanya Wolski]

Step Up 2014

Step Up 2014 Selectees

After considering hundreds of applications, our three Step Up jurors have selected six emerging artists to receive a solo exhibition opportunity at Real Art Ways!

Take a moment to get to know them now, and stay tuned for details on their exhibitions!

Congratulations to:

Yvonne Buchanan
Joy Mckinney
JC Lenochan
Elizabeth Meyer
Paul Anthony Smith
Heidi Lau



About the Exhibition: RealUnreal challenges traditional notions of representation through the work of four artists who make the intangible aspects of time, memory, imagination and scientific theory tangible in their representations of the natural world. Through the imagined atmospheres Hilary Brace creates; to the manifestation of the underlying clock work of mother nature in Linda Darlings work; to the notions of memory and time infused in the work of Thom Sawyer, and Dennis Pinette;  these artists bend our pliable notions of place, by making the real unreal, and the unreal real.

Curated by Peter Waite.

John Spray

John Spray
Collision Repair

About the Exhibition: John Spray's exhibition Collision Repair is comprised of three components found in some of the gallery's less conventional spaces.

The first, hanging near the cafe, features 52 greyscale flags of countries the US has invaded since WWII.

The second is an audio piece in both the men's and women's toilets, where the US Constitution is read with every 10th word deleted, becoming a rather surreal legalese sound poem.

The third, in the video gallery, is a projected piece where over 300 various government plaques are shown in rapid succession, displaying the colorful designs of pompous banality.


Adam Niklewicz
The Charter Oak
and Walking Around a Tree

[watch the video]

The Charter Oak water mural is located at 215 Pearl Street in downtown Hartford, on the exterior wall of the long vacant deconsecrated synagogue. The mural, while barely visible when the wall is dry, blossoms into full detail when water saturates the piece. Niklewicz’s water-activated mural depicts the enduring symbol of Connecticut’s revolutionary spirit. The iconic image, which appears and disappears from view, is based on Charles DeWolf Brownell’s painting of 1857 in the collection of the Wadsworth Atheneum. Local artist J.D. Richey assisted Niklewicz in realizing his vision for The Charter Oak.

The Charter Oak was officially unveiled at a reception on Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 5:30PM. After a brief reception, all were invited back to Real Art Ways for Creative Cocktail Hour. After the initial reception, the mural was "watered" every day at 3PM until the beginning of November.

Walking Around a Tree is a companion piece to the water mural. The projection, which animates a young tree that revolves 360 degrees, was displayed at night, high on the exterior of the AT&T building adjacent to the synagogue.

The Walking Around a Tree projection debuted the evening of Saturday, September 22, 2012. Viewers were welcomed to begin the adventure at Real Art Ways by participating in our Real Ride, which stopped by the AT&T building for the premier of the piece.

Artist Statement
Public art should embrace the existing environment and work to enrich reality. The blank slates (almost screens) of the two downtown buildings invite visuals that give counterbalance (nature) and meaning (historical context). The image of the Charter Oak speaks to both. The projection of the new tree speaks to the continuum.

About Adam Niklewicz
Adam Niklewicz arrived in the United States in the 1980’s, seeking refuge from martial law in Poland. Much of Niklewicz’s work is informed by the dislocation he feels as a Polish-born American.

While he has developed a body of work that is varied in material and formal terms, it is unified in its lyricism and sense of loss, and in its obsession with the impossible project of reconciling past and present.

Collaboration and Support
The Capital City Canvas public art projects The Charter Oak and Walking Around a Tree are co-organized by Real Art Ways, the City of Hartford and the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art with support from the Greater Hartford Arts Council. The initiative is funded by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development - Office of the Arts and the City of Hartford with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. In-kind support for the project is generously provided by 215 Pearl LLC, AT&T Connecticut, TheaterWorks, The Metropolitan District, and the U.S. Army, U.S. Naval, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps recruiting offices in Hartford.










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