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Film 101

Real Art Ways’ matinée series for film buffs

Modeled after a college Introduction to Film Studies course, the series features lively and engaging post-film discussions with fellow film buffs, guided by a professor from a local university. Participants learn how to view classic and/or contemporary films with a critical eye and engage with the screen on a deeper level.

The films are shown in our cinema and the post-film discussions take place in our galleries.

Sessions are held on Sundays beginning at 11:00 AM. The spring session will begin on February 26, 2017.

The topic of Film 101 is “Screen Comedy” and we will explore some specific questions: What are the subversive, anarchic, or therapeutic functions of film comedy in our culture? What besides laughter do we get out of these funny movies? Comic plots and characters tend to be persistent and traditional -but have our attitudes towards what’s funny changed? Above all, we are interested in speculating about the possibility of a purely cinematic comedy: push the boundaries cinematic storytelling, censorship, and social taboos.

The films are listed below. The instructor will be Ian Ally-Seals.

About the Instructor

Ian Ally-Seals has a degree in Film/Digital Media & Film Theory from Bard College. He studied Film Criticism under Dr. John Pruitt and cinema production under such influential film makers as Adolfas Mekas, Peter Hutton, and Leah Gilliam. Ian is the Cinema Coordinator at Real Art Ways where he helps develop the film calendar and manages all aspects of the Cinema.

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